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The Full Story

SØIF de LIBERTÉ​  literally means "the thirst for freedom".

This has two important personal meanings.


- The thirst for knowledge.

-The difference between poverty and wealth.


These meanings derive from my background. I was born in Cameroon, a West African country, but started traveling around the world at a young age. I have experienced that many immigrants, like myself, seek the same kind of freedom. 

Our liberty is built on hope and visions to be a better candidate to what extent our future can become.

In 2008 I have started my journey around our planet. Traveling from country to country, the cultures really caught my attention. My conversations with the locals taught me that each of us strive for the same freedom. Their abilities were different, but the journey to freedom was the same. that’s how the words SØIF de LIBERTÉ came across my path. 

The reason my brand also has to do with poverty and wealth is due to my experiences that a lot of young adults are put in boxes in western countries. This generation is built in a norm to compete with one another. I want to let people experience that fashion has to do with who you are and how you can express yourself in different ways. The mistake my generation often makes is basing their love for fashion on how pricey their clothing is. The thoughts and art of what one has designed are lost and its value goes with it.


SØIF de LIBERTÉ​ is a story of itself.

I get inspired by approaching and directing different professional sectors. Creating unity in what you see being worn, finding and expanding a normal boundary. My ultimate goal is for people I influence to understand the concept of unity.

Audrey R. Witkamp 

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