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SØIF de LIBERTÉ stands for unity and gaining strength within yourself. When customers wear these pieces of clothing we want them to feel they fit in without the need for others to feel the same way. Wearing SØIF de LIBERTÉ will provide strength from within oneself and to be able to live with more self-confidence.  


The feeling of being excluded is an experience that we often experienced ourself. Due to those experiences, the feeling of not fitting in, forced us to have a closer look at ourselves. Now by expressing our creativity, we want to share our story through this brand. With our personal experiences as a source of inspiration, we want to show people that you can use your feelings or thoughts and convert them into a source of power for yourself and others.


SØIF de LIBERTÉ also stands for sustainability. We grew up in a country where a culture of sustainability is essential. The fact that we were born in an environment with limited resources, we have always been taught to use and reuse all products in various ways. As a result, we have adopted a lifestyle in which all products are given a second life. We think this mindset is of high value and we want to implement it in our own production processes. We've therefore decided to work with deadstock fabrics and sustainable materials to continue this sustainable cycle in the fashion industry.

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