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It is clear that the climate has a lot to endure with our way of living. The climate is changing and we are expected to do the same. These climate changes are being tackled in various ways, and as part of the clothing industry we can also contribute to a better future.

There are various options for achieving sustainability in the clothing industry. For example, using substances or materials consisting of recycled products or which are naturally degradable. In addition, sustainability can also be achieved by reducing production quantities, resulting in less CO2 emissions.

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Both methods are applied during the realization of the collection 'L'introduction'. For example, we have used materials that are naturally degradable, such as organic cotton and bamboo. We have also provided a limited collection that includes the use of 'dead stock' fabrics. This means that the substances were actually present in excess during the production of other items, with a high probability that they would no longer be used. By using these fabrics for the collection, we have given them a new purpose of use and by that prevent waste.

The socks in the collection largely consist of bamboo. At the end of its life, it is therefore completely biodegradable. Due to the bamboo fibers generally absorbing more moisture than cotton, these socks will have a longer dry fit. Bamboo also has a body insulating effect, which keeps your feet cool during summer and warm during the winter.

Furthermore, 100% organic cotton is used in the production of our T-shirts. In particular, the cultivation and processing of organic cotton take place in a more eco-friendly manner than the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton. Also, a larger use of chemicals takes place in the processing of conventional cotton, which weakens the fabric. Organic cotton does not suffer from this problem, resulting in better remains and therefore lasts longer. 

Our interest in sustainability also has come from personal meaning experience.  Growing up in Cameroon, the African culture taught us how we can use and reuse products in various ways. In our own way of living, we have created a small cycle in which products have always been given a second life. This way of living taught us the importance of sustainability which we certainly also wanted to implement into the vision of SØIF de LIBERTÉ.


We are dedicated to use only natural, dead stock, and recycled components and fabrics in our collections. Our interest in sustainability pushed us into creating a unique garment.

Even the orders are sent in eco-friendly paper packaging. In this way we can contribute to a sustainable shopping environment!


Due to the limitations of working with leftover dead stock and 100% organic cotton, all items are produced in very limited quantities. This ensures our SØIF de LIBERTÉ items are not only sustainable but also exclusive. 

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